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About Us

We are a creative team of professionals with knowledge and experience in HV, MV and LV equipment, knowledge of partners and End customers in the Electric Power Industry of Ukraine and CIS. Also, we have contracts with specialists in different cities, depending on the specifics of equipment, location of the largest customers and other individual characteristics.

Our mission

InterAgentsGroup provides Agent and Marketing services to foreign manufacturers of electrical equipment, based on the accumulated practical experience, professionalism of employees and the full confidentiality of all information. Our approach to work — is to provide quality services at a worthy price, supporting the development and success of our foreign clients’ business in Ukraine and CIS. For this purpose, creating good and interesting working conditions, we make high demands on everyone in our team.


InterAgentsGroup was founded by a small, but international team, working in the market of Ukraine and CIS. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience in such companies as ABB, Schneider Electric, SIEMENS, IEK — both local and international, have passed the school from engineers to heads of departments. We are united by the desire to develop in the field of modern Environmental Friendly Electric Energy solutions and technologies, to inform local companies about new opportunities, to implement projects based on renewable energy sources, and thus contribute to improving the energy efficiency of the industry.

«Everyone thinks that being in a formation is the reality. In fact it is an illusion. The real reality is that you can stand out of line and go your own way. »
VK. Co-Founder

Our principles:

  • Respect for the client
    We respect our clients and understand that they live in their own world, from which the perception of local situation is often not the same as it actually might be.
  • Mutual trust
    We are building open communications with our clients and asking them to be honest with us. The more truth, the more effective is the result.
  • Professionalism
    We have an impressive experience and knowledge in the field of electric power equipment and its utilization. We take only the projects in which we can apply our knowledge and experience.
  • Diplomacy
    The basis for success in our work is consistency and diplomacy — the ability to come to a compromise, defending the interests of a client.