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Agents & Marketing Service


Our services, consist of the promotion of goods from foreign manufacturers to the local consumer.
The main principle of our services: a study and active adaptation to the requirements of the market with a simultaneous directional impact on it.
The purpose of our services is to enter into and to consolidate a certain market share, to transform an abstract purchasing power into the real demand.

InterAgentsGroup, first of all, studies the current market.

IAG explores the market in the following ways:

  • determines the size and nature of the market;
  • calculates the real and potential market capacity;
  • analyzes the factors that influence the development of the market;
  • takes into account the specific features of the market;
  • determines the degree of saturation of the market;
  • segments the market and determines the types of consumers according to the main characteristics;
  • examines the capacity of the networks serving this market;
  • analyzes external factors of market development.

The goal is to establish partnerships between foreign producers and local companies.


The analysis of the competitors’ market makes it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of not only the competitors, but also their own company, to provide an opportunity to assess the advantages of each player in the market, to study the process of doing business by competitors in order to adopt positive experience, and much more.

InterAgentsGroup conducts a comprehensive, detailed analysis of both customer`s and competitor`s companies, and gives us the opportunity to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Important results that we receive in the process of market research, are divided mainly into three components:

  • Market information regarding demand, supply for a product, market prices.
  • Segmentation of the market, allowing it to be divided into certain groups, united by one or several characteristics. The criteria for segmenting the market are determined on the basis of customer requirements.
  • The trend of the market, tracking its growth or decline in a specific period of time.

This allows you to predict the behavior of the market in the future, assess real opportunities and risks and find out the strategy and behavior of competitors in various critical situations.

During the research we use only the primary information, because the data quickly lose its relevance.

Analysis of competitors’ activities implies the following stages:

  • Samples of competitors working with the enterprise in one market are compiled, types of competition and competitive links are determined.
  • The main competitor of the company and its market share are identified.
  • Evaluation of competitors, their weak and strong sides (organizational structure, form of ownership, location, service geography, number of employees, strategy of market behavior, etc.,).
  • The financial activities of competitors are determined (financing conditions, financial stability, prepayment amount, terms of payment, etc.,).
  • Analysis of competitors’ sales systems (intermediaries, distribution channels, sales density, etc.,) is conducted.
  • Evaluates the service of competitors (delivery time, service, warranty service, returnability, etc.,).
  • The assortment of competitors is evaluated, comparative analysis of goods, their quality, packaging design, etc., is carried out.
  • The pricing policy of competitors and methods of pricing are analyzed.
  • Advertising activity, methods and means of promotion of goods, their effectiveness, advertising budget, etc., are analyzed.
  • The level of personnel policy, personnel qualifications, corporate culture of competitors, etc., is assessed.
  • The analysis of bonus systems (discounts, discount cards, bonus and marketing programs, etc.,) is conducted.


InterAgentsGroup offers you a translation service in more than 10 languages. Our translators are professionals with a linguistic and special education. In addition to full-time translators, we work with native speakers.


At the stage of preparation for entering the market of Ukraine and CIS, it is necessary to adapt the advertising materials and other documents accompanying the goods. This task would be quite problematic without any special knowledge and experience.

For manufacturers and suppliers cooperating with InterAgentsGroup, the adaptation of materials does not present a problem: it is professionally performed by our specialists.

When implementing the service, the specialists of InterAgentsGroup provide the necessary expertise in terms of foreign economic activity and knowledge of the local market, and specialized subcontractors are used to elaborate specific linguistic, cultural and marketing aspects, if necessary.

The main areas of work.

Adaptation of promotional materials of a foreign manufacturer before the start of activities is conducted by us in several directions:

Language localization.

  • At this stage of work, we translate the supplier’s marketing materials into a local language with high quality. If the documents use sectoral (in particular, technical) terminology, it is necessarily taken into account and translated as accurately as possible

Checking of translations already performed.

  • InterAgentsGroup experts evaluate the finished materials — check the literacy and accuracy of the translation, the completeness and correctness of the transfer of the meaning of the source documents, the uniformity of the terminology in the entire array of materials;
  • Adaptation to cultural values ​​and specificity of the industry in which the activity is carried out.


InterAgentsGroup facilitates the preparation of documents for the release of foreign products in circulation on the Ukrainian market, confirming that the products meet the requirements of international and Ukrainian standards (certificates, declarations of conformity, licenses and others).

Foreign manufacturers that export certain types of products to Ukraine often face difficulties with certification. Employees of InterAgentsGroup prepare a list of necessary documents and product samples (if necessary), translations, carry out examination of documents and send them to the certification body. After making a decision to issue a certificate, a certificate is issued on paper.


Support for negotiations with Ukrainian partners.

In our practice, sometimes there are appeals of foreign clients with the request to accompany them at negotiations with partners on the issue of concluding a contract or on any disputable moment. When you need a lawyer to meet with a potential partner, we are ready to understand the situation and accompany you to a business meeting to protect your interests.

Lawyer InterAgentsGroup has extensive experience in conducting complex negotiation processes both with participation of large Ukrainian companies and foreign partners.


Customs clearance of goods, provision of customs services.

Customs clearance is a procedure that all goods and vehicles transported across the state border must pass without fail.

Customs clearance includes:

the provision of a package of documents for clearance, permits and a declaration of payment of customs duties to the customs.

Documents required for registration of import or export:

  • international (external economic) contract, executed in accordance with the requirements of the law;
  • a certified copy of the transaction passport;
  • accompanying documentation for the goods (invoice and transfer of the invoice with all the details of the exporter and importer and information on the imported goods, as well as the terms of payment for the products);
  • certificates of conformity or declaration of conformity, or other documents necessary for import, confirming compliance of the quality of the goods with the requirements of the country of importation (fire certificate, registration certificate, etc.,);


IT support for representatives of foreign companies in Ukraine

Maintenance of business continuity in our time is impossible without high-quality IT support. To ensure the smooth operation of your computer, workstations and networks, we offer service.

Such services usually include:

  • diagnostics of your laptop and systems;
  • consultations by e-mail, phone, messenger or via the web interface;
  • support through remote administration;
  • departure of a specialist to you.